Saturday, May 12, 2012

China Glaze Riveting

Well I had fully intended or updating this blog earlier in the week but I guess that just wasn't to be. When I got home Thursday I found that I had no internet connection. I called the company and they said there was no outage and they couldn't come out to fix it until Saturday (today). That was more than a little annoying. Needless to say all I have been able to do the last few days is work and read a book which I love I just like having my options.

My happy part of the week was this nail polish! Last weekend I went to Sally's and finally picked up some of the Hunger Games collection. Way too late in my opinion  I know but I have been soooo busy but better late than never right? I was shocked to find they didn't even have it out on the shelves she had to go to the back and dig them out for me. Riveting was at the very top of my wish list so I definitely had to snatch it up and it went on my nails as soon as I got home.

I love this color so much. My nails looked like they were on fire or lit up from the inside it was just amazing. It is a dark reddish orange that is just so bright and full of what looks like gold and orange flecks of glitter and sparkle it is just hard to look away. The formula was great to work with and it was opaque in two coats. People at work kept asking me what I had on my fingers and literally grabbing my hand to get a closer look. I definitely think this color will be a great year round color because I would wear it in any season really.

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