Saturday, June 30, 2012

CVS 50-75% Off Beauty Sale

Right now CVS is having their 50-75% off on their beauty items which is mostly just cosmetics. Everything isn't on sale (I wish!) but there is a ton of items to choose from. This week the coupon machines are also printing off a $3 off a $10 beauty purchase that you can use with this sale! This sale has been going on for a few weeks now and I'm not really sure when it will end. This is actually my third time shopping the sale because I just keep finding new things. My first trip I only bought a couple of the Sally Hansen HD nail polishes because they were 75% off making them $1.69 per bottle. My second trip I got two physician formula moisturizers originally $20 each for just $10 total!

A few days ago I went back since I had that $3 coupon from the coupon machine and checked out what I could find as far as makeup. I wanted to stick to just items that were 75% off because that is just the best deal. Yes 50% off is great but 75% is just freaking amazing!! So here is what I got and a price breakdown of it:

Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon in Black Smoke
Originally  $9.49 -- Paid $2.37

Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon in Bronze Smoke

Originally  $9.49 -- Paid $2.37

Almay Smart Shade Blush in 020 Natural

Originally  $9.49 -- Paid $2.37

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Rosegold

Originally $7.49 -- Paid $1.95

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush in 010 Honey Miel

Originally $14.49 -- Paid $3.62

Total of $12.68 - $3 coupon for a total of $9.68!!!! (plus tax)

I saved just over $41 so it was an amazing trip and a nice little haul!!!! Definitely check out CVS soon if you have one near you!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Avon Absinthe

One of the ladies at work started selling Avon recently so I thought it would be a great time to finally try out one of their polishes. When I saw the picture of Absinthe I knew I just had to have it. It looked like such a beautiful sparkly green packed full of glitter and I just couldn't wait to get it on my fingers. Here is what I was expecting based on the picture from the Avon book.

This is definitely not the color I got. It is not a bad color it was just horribly misrepresented. What I actually got was a pea green color with a shimmer so subtle it is nonexistent unless you are outside in the sun and squint a lot. It is a nice color for what it is though I am not saying it is a bad polish it is just not what I was hoping for based on the picture.

Application was pretty good. It was a little on the sheer side and needed three coats for full coverage. It also seemed to be a little bit thick but it was still easy to work with and had no problems with dragging. I have worn this for about five days now and have had just some normal tip wear and ended up getting a few chips last night. It is a nice color but when they say sequins and have that kind of picture I am really expecting some glitter and wow!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Spoiled Deeper Dive

Ok the last blue I wore last week is Deeper Dive from Spoiled. Spoiled is a brand available at CVS from Wet N Wild. I am not sure if it is available at other stores but I picked this up about a month or so ago when they were having a huge sale on this brand. I decided to pick up a couple and give it a shot.

Deeper Dive is a dark blue-green almost jelly with flecks of blue green glitter and also some glitter that shimmers gold-copper. It does go on kind of sheer and I would definitely recommend at least 2 coats but I probably should have gone with three. In person it looks ok with just two coats but in pictures it is still on the sheer side.

It was really hard to capture all the glitter going on in this polish until I added some stamping on top and that just brought the glitter to life. I was very Meh! about this stamping job but I went to the mall over the weekend and got so many compliments it was amazing. I think this definitely looks better in person and not zoomed so far in all I can see is the flaws.

This polish sells for $1.99 at CVS and is definitely worth checking out!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Julep Marisa

Ok continuing on with my blue kick lately I have Julep's Marisa. In the bottle I was so in love with this color because it looks like a deep cobalt blue with a blackish tint to it. On the nail it pretty much just looks like a very dark cobalt blue almost Navy but it is still gorgeous. I was able to get the shift of color to show up on some pictures and in real life you can see it at certain angles but from a distance it is just a pretty dark blue. The formula was really great to work with and only took two coats to get it fully opaque. Pictures are shown with two coats of Julep's Marisa and one coat of seche vite.

This photo is terrible but it just also looked so awesome I had to include it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sally Hansen HD Spectrum

Lately I have been really loving blues. I have had on three different colors of blues just this week! Today I have on Sally Hansen Spectrum from the HD Hi-Definition collection. It is a beautiful electric blue shimmer that shifts to a purple. Beautiful color but impossible to photograph. The duochrome is very obvious in person but it was impossible for me to get even one picture of it. It might have helped if I was in natural sunlight but it was dark so this was the best I can do. The polish was on the sheer side but it only took three coats to get it opaque. It was also a good formula so no complaints here except for my pictures. Right now CVS is having a sale on these and even though it isn't labeled you should check the price machine because most are 75% off right now!!! I picked up three of the HD colors last week that I didn't have for $1.69 a piece which you just can't beat.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter

I was at Walgreens a couple days ago and saw this color and just had to get it. I pretty much love anything glitter so this was just perfect. Pinky Glitter is a sheer pink polish with a ton of iridescent glitter packed in there. To me the pink also has an orange tint to it. It goes on very sheer and still at three coats for the pictures it is still not completely opaque. Normally I don't like this but it kinda gave it a stained glass effect that I really enjoyed. Pinky Glitter does go on a bit runny but it isn't too hard to work with once you get the hang of it. I think this would also look great over the top of so many colors. I tried this out over a blue and it was so pretty it looked like the night sky.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cult Nails Feel Me Up + Nevermore Stamping

Today I am wearing a Cult Nails color called Feel Me Up. It is the best yellow that I have ever worn with the cutest name possible. This is going to be my go to color for days where I am just feeling down because the entire time I have been wearing this it has been impossible to be anything but happy. It is like the Disney World of nail polishes. The first night I was wearing this I literally kept waking up through the night to look at it because it was just so pretty and happy!

In terms of quality this is the best yellow I have ever used....Ever! Yellow is the hardest color it seems for anyone to actually make right. Most of the time it is a streaky mess but not this. The first coat down goes on streaky, the second coat fixes most of that but the third coat is what makes it perfection. At three coats it levels itself out and ends up looking perfect. The polish was super easy to work with. If you need the perfect yellow for summer this is definitely the polish to get. It sells for $10 at

I also got Nevermore which is a 1 coat black polish that is just insanely amazing! I will be posting about that in a couple days but today I am using it for stamping. I thought since it is perfect in one coat it would make an amazing stamping polish and yep it really does!

My nails below are three coats of feel me up in the first picture topped with a coat of Seche Vite. The second picture is the same but with stamping with Nevermore and another layer of Seche.