Saturday, September 22, 2012

ManGlaze ILF

I will preface this with saying I hate matte polish. Ok, well at least I used to then I found ManGlaze. The brand name alone says something about their polish. All of the polish names are raunchy, filthy and down right wrong but also hilarious and part of what intrigued me in the first place. They specialize in matte polishes with names like Fuggin Ugly, Lesbihonest and Fatties Have More Blood. Terrible and entertaining all in one. I was also really impressed with the artwork on their bottles which is almost like a cool graffiti.

I am definitely a blue/teal type girl so when I saw someone swapping ManGlaze ILF I definitely had to check it out. Like I said never a fan of mattes before but this has completely changed my mind. The formula is perfect to work with and went on so smoothly. Slightly sheer but perfect in three coats. It is a gorgeous almost aqua blue matte that really just put a smile on my face and didn't let me stop staring at my nails. Add a regular top coat to turn it glossy and OMG watch it sparkle and shine with secret glitter! Enough talk on to the many pics!


  1. What a gorgeous color! Can't wait to try it on! And your nails are lovely!

    1. Thank you! I am getting a few more soon but based on this one alone I highly recommend them.

  2. OMG! I need this polish! I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Great mani...that color is a must have :)

  4. Beautiful color and swatches. The only annoying part of these polishes are the names... I mean, seriously, I would feel really strange asking someone to buy me a polish called 'Butt Taco' or 'Fuggen Ugly' and I'd be even more embarrassed to have them in my stash.

  5. Love Manglaze!!! This is such a beautiful color!!!

  6. This is gorgeous! I need some Manglaze in my life!