Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daily Lacquer - Satine

Well in the few short days since I have written my last review on Daily Lacquer they have opened up a whole new website to sell their polish and it is amazing! They have moved up from Etsy and have really put together a great new site that better showcases their polishes and all that they have to offer. Please make sure to go check out their new site which can be found here. Their Etsy store will still stay open but only for the sale of single bottles. If you want to buy their entire collections make sure you head over to their new site.

Satine is the second polish I received to review from Maggy at Daily Lacquer and really I don't think she could have picked out two better colors for me. My favorite colors to have on my nails are blues and blacks so Satine is just perfect. It also incorporates my latest obsession of holographic polish! Almost all of last week I had on Satine layered over Cult Nails Nevermore. Then after a few days I realized OMG I forgot to take pictures of it. Then of course the break happen and I had to cut my nails down to little bitty nubbins. I still left on Satine for about five days total before switching and that polish held up so well. I had minimal tip wear and at day five only a couple chips and that was only on my dominant hand which is to be expected.

When I put Satine on for the second time I decided to just wear it all by itself. This polish is just so pretty! Satine is grey-ish black holo that has small silver glitter and larger diamond shaped holographic glitter. On it's own it took about 3 coats to be fully opaque and over black I used two coats. When worn over black it really makes the black of Satine stand out a lot more but really I love it both ways. Application of Satine was great and I had no problems. The diamonds came out easily and no fishing was required. There are actually a lot more diamonds on my nails than you can see but they were just a little camera shy and depended on the angle in the light.

So in the past week and a half since I had Satine I have worn her twice already. I think it might be time to actually upgrade to a full size bottle because I don't think this will be the last time I wear her. Satine is $10 a bottle and can be found on their Etsy store here or on their new store here. There are only 2 left in stock right now so hurry if you need this now!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daily Lacquer I'll Fly Away

If you have never heard of or tried a polish from Daily Lacquer please make sure you run over to her Etsy store immediately and check it out because she has some serious amazingness going on over there! I'll Fly Away is one of two polishes I received from the wonderful Maggy over at Daily Lacquer to review and I have to say I am super impressed. Blue is my current favorite color at the moment and this one did not disappoint at all.

I'll fly away is a aqua-y turquoise jelly-ish polish leaning towards creme that dries to a semi-matte finish but still maintains it's shimmer and shine. Love all the -y and -ises there lol This polish definitely has a lot going on with it and I love that. Inside that wonderful blue base is bright pink dots of glitter, hearts and flowers. The dots come out super easy and require no fishing. The hearts and flowers were a little more tricky but I assume that is because I was working with a mini bottle. After a good shake up I was able to get a few of the flowers and hearts out relatively easily. They do get a little covered in the base but still are able to be seen. This polish is a little sheer but built up nicely to what you see here after only three coats. If you don't want to use so many coats I'm sure a nice pair of blue undies would work just fine too! The first picture is shown with just the polish itself and no top coat and you can still see the shimmer too it and while it is mostly matte it still has some shine. Top coat in the second picture only enhances this shimmer and makes this polish even more gorgeous! Wear was great too it lasted for a few days with very minimal tip wear at all.I definitely can't wait to try some more from this brand. Make sure you go check Daily Lacquer out!

Without top coat

With top coat

Friday, January 4, 2013

NOTD Stamping

I absolutely love my Sunshine State but it is so hard for me to not stamp my nails when I am just wearing a color all by itself. I wore it for one day before I just couldn't resist the urge anymore. I decided to give it a fun little "tribal" design using Wet n Wild Black Creme and Cheeky jumbo plate A. I absolutely love how this one turned out! I top coated it all with one coat of Seche Vite.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Apparel Sunshine State

I love yellow nails! I don't know what it is about yellow polish that just makes me insanely happy every time I wear it or even see it on others but I just love it. Recently American Apparel had a great deal and I was able to snag this polish for a little over $1 but it was hard narrowing it down to just one polish. Yellow is a color that is hard to get right because for some reason the formula is just never really great on them. My favorite yellow is Cult Nails Feel Me Up and even that didn't have a perfect formula. I think I might just like this one even better!

Sunshine State is a great sunshine yellow color that is opaque in three coats. The formula is a little on the thin side with a tendency to flood the cuticles but after learning from the first coat it was easy to control this. The first coat went on sheer and a little patchy but at two coats it was nearly opaque and in three it was perfection. Dry time between coats was great and I didn't experience any problems with dragging or bubbling. My only issue is that it freaks my camera out a little and photographs a little on the neon side which it isn't. I think I have my new perfect yellow!

Pictures below are shown with three coats of Sunshine State and one coat of HK Girl top coat. I did some pictures indoors with and without flash to try to get it close to actual color of the polish. I think it is pretty close just think a little less neon and you got it!

American Apparel polish can be purchased from there website here for $6 a bottle. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a very fun and safe start to the new year!! For me it was a really fun but relaxed night hanging out with my mom and sister. We love to watch the party and ball drop in time square and then of course have to wait the hour before it's actually new years for us but it's always fun! I think the most fun thing for me this NYE was to be able to do my moms nails. She never really paints her nails so I love to do them whenever I can for her. I'm really not great at painting others nails but she is always happy with them no matter. what. Then I gave her my collection of stamping plates and she was almost overwhelmed with so many options but here is what she ended up choosing. I used Julep Popova, Maybelline Bold Gold and a plate from Bundle Monster.

For me I kept it really simple and just went for some stamping from one Cheeky plate with Champagne and glasses, bubbles and confetti. I used A England Dorian Grey as my base and stamped with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.