Friday, June 22, 2012

Spoiled Deeper Dive

Ok the last blue I wore last week is Deeper Dive from Spoiled. Spoiled is a brand available at CVS from Wet N Wild. I am not sure if it is available at other stores but I picked this up about a month or so ago when they were having a huge sale on this brand. I decided to pick up a couple and give it a shot.

Deeper Dive is a dark blue-green almost jelly with flecks of blue green glitter and also some glitter that shimmers gold-copper. It does go on kind of sheer and I would definitely recommend at least 2 coats but I probably should have gone with three. In person it looks ok with just two coats but in pictures it is still on the sheer side.

It was really hard to capture all the glitter going on in this polish until I added some stamping on top and that just brought the glitter to life. I was very Meh! about this stamping job but I went to the mall over the weekend and got so many compliments it was amazing. I think this definitely looks better in person and not zoomed so far in all I can see is the flaws.

This polish sells for $1.99 at CVS and is definitely worth checking out!

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