Saturday, August 25, 2012

Butter London Yummy Mummy

So this last month has been a great month for nail polish sales but not such a great month for my wallet. My inner hoarder is jumping up and down with joy though. A week or two ago Butter London was having a sale on some of their trios that were marked down 50% off making them $21 a piece so of course I had to buy two. Free shipping too so of course I rationalized it to myself that I just had to have them! Plus these are my first ever Butter London polishes!

Yummy Mummy is part of the Sexy Smart trio and honestly is a color I thought I would never use. I got that trio basically just for Wallis and Saucy Jack because of my recent obsession with red. I thought YM would just sit around collecting dust because I have never really been one for nude polish. It is actually probably my favorite one in the set. Isn't that funny!

Yummy Mummy is a beigey/taupey nude with what seems like to me a little bit of purple undertones and just a hint of shimmer. Instead of staring at my hand because of glitter or holographic whatever I kept staring at it because it just looked so dang classy! Which of course is not me but it just looked so professional and chic and made me feel so girly I loved it! Application was a dream! Butter London polishes really apply like butter! Three coats and it was opaque and the formula was just perfect. Believe it or not my pictures have zero clean up done to them that is how great the brushes are!

 And of course I can't leave well enough alone so after one day of plane polish I had to add some stamping. I used Bundle Monster plate 315.

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