Monday, August 27, 2012

Essie Lacquered Up + Stamping

Lately I have been really into red nail polish. That is kind of unusual to me since I have always stayed away from red nails. To me it was always just kinda a boring color and I liked all the fun unexpected colors. For me to be daring and do the unexpected though I went red!

Essie's Lacquered Up is a beautiful dark red cream nail polish. It was opaque in two coats and very easy to work with. I did want to just make it a little more interesting so I added some stamping since it just makes everything better! I used the new plates from Bundle Monster and put black roses on my nails using Wet n Wild's Black Creme. I love how it made the red even darker and more vampy.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great. I have always loved red because Dolly Parton used to have red nails and said it was white trash glamour. I love it because she is exactly who she is.