Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Butter London Wallis

I am absolutely in love with Butter London and I completely understand the hype for them now. I even kind of understand the price tag even though I definitely wish it was a lot lower so I could afford some more! The formula is absolutely perfect and the easiest to work with so I get why they charge so much but this girl is all about deals and that's how I got this!

Wallis is another color from the trio and was the whole reason I bought that set. I showed the colors to my mom because I just could not pick and she said I should wear the one that looked like "baby poo." Ok I don't think anyone ever has referred to Wallis as baby poo! If it is that color it must be some magical fairie babies or something that create that prettiest color evver!

Ok now pass the gross part sorry I just thought my mom was too funny! Wallis is absolutely perfect! Two coats and it is perfect but I used three for the pictures because yes I am a little crazy. The formula was perfect to work with and it dried very quickly. I definitely recommend a top coat to bring out the shine even more!

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