Sunday, September 9, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Strange Love

Strange Love is another color that came in the True Blood mini bottle trio from Deborah Lippmann. This is only my second experience with a DL polish and after my first experience with New Flesh I was expecting great things. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed.

Strange Love is described as "a vampy magenta" and ok I see that but it is more of a berry/wine color to me and not quite vampy enough.It also seems to be a little bit of a cream and a little bit jelly which could have been nice if it wasn't for the formula. Application of this was a nightmare! The first coat went on very thick, streaky, and patchy while still being on the sheer side.Then after a few minutes of waiting for that to dry I applied a second coat but the polish was not dry enough and it caused some dragging and balding. Pictures are shown after three coats and in person they still do not look that even . There are also some spots that are noticeably lighter than others due to the dragging and balding. I also experience some micro-bubbling after each layer but it wasn't very noticeable after top coating it.

Overall you can see I am not very happy with this polish especially for the price. I will be trying the other polish in the set, Bad Blood soon and hopefully that will work out a lot better.

Indoors - you can see some of the bubbling

In sunlight

In sunlight

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