Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rainbow Penguins

A while back my friend sent me a link to a video and just two words, "Do this!" I'm a huge penguin addict so it wasn't hard to convince me. The video was by professionalDQ and is a tutorial for rainbow penguin nails inspired by toesocks. Please go check out her video HERE because she is just so talented! I'm still getting used to working with acrylic paints but I am so happy with how this turned out. Next on my to-do list is to find those toe socks!!

For the rainbow I cleaned off a striper polish brush and created stripes using all Zoya polishes. I used Zoya Jolene, Sooki, Darcy, Josie, Breezi, and Mira. After creating the rainbow I used a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust on all the nails. Everything else was created using acrylic paints with paint brushes and dotting tools. The only thing I changed was I added little dots to the bow for the girls. I am very proud of myself for this recreation because it really pushed me and now I can't wait to try out more.


  1. Awwwwwwww! So cute and colourful =D

  2. very cute, I love penguins too! I also enjoy her videos as I find her voice very soothing lol

    1. Haha it is very soothing. Especially the tutorials where she tells a story with her nails that could just be a nice little bed time story =)