Thursday, January 3, 2013

American Apparel Sunshine State

I love yellow nails! I don't know what it is about yellow polish that just makes me insanely happy every time I wear it or even see it on others but I just love it. Recently American Apparel had a great deal and I was able to snag this polish for a little over $1 but it was hard narrowing it down to just one polish. Yellow is a color that is hard to get right because for some reason the formula is just never really great on them. My favorite yellow is Cult Nails Feel Me Up and even that didn't have a perfect formula. I think I might just like this one even better!

Sunshine State is a great sunshine yellow color that is opaque in three coats. The formula is a little on the thin side with a tendency to flood the cuticles but after learning from the first coat it was easy to control this. The first coat went on sheer and a little patchy but at two coats it was nearly opaque and in three it was perfection. Dry time between coats was great and I didn't experience any problems with dragging or bubbling. My only issue is that it freaks my camera out a little and photographs a little on the neon side which it isn't. I think I have my new perfect yellow!

Pictures below are shown with three coats of Sunshine State and one coat of HK Girl top coat. I did some pictures indoors with and without flash to try to get it close to actual color of the polish. I think it is pretty close just think a little less neon and you got it!

American Apparel polish can be purchased from there website here for $6 a bottle. 

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