Saturday, February 2, 2013

NOTD Cult Nails Fetish and Tempest

So, I have been noticeably absent for the past few weeks aside from a few posts and trust me I am seriously bummed by this. I miss painting my nails soo much! My nails are still painted but I have only been getting to paint them about once a week because my work schedule has been so insane. One more week and I can go back to a normal nail schedule! On top of all this and it's old news from the pictures but I am still super sad with my nubby nails. Last Sunday when I filed them down though decided to make them super sassy to cheer me up with some Cult Nails!

I received my order of the new collection last weekend plus they included a sweet hand drawn and colored birthday card which was just the sweetest thing ever. Tempest is a one coat white which I have been anticipating for months and just could not wait to try it out for some stamping. I also used Fetish which is a black polish that is good in two coats and dries to a leather finish and I absolutely love this polish! I stamped Tempest onto Fetish and used Gals plate GA32. Those plates are a little on the short side so I figured it would be a perfect time to use them on my nubbin nails plus animal print just adds to the sass! I top coated with a layer of seche vite which of course makes Fetish lose it's leather finish but I left it as is on the accent nail and added a couple blue rhinestones from my Cult Nails nail art wheel.

Exactly why I love Cult Nails because of their sweet personal touch!


  1. This is so cute! And you make short nails look fabulous!!!! I'm pinning this one for my fans.