Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bondi Lady Liberty

Today I have my first ever Bondi polish to share with you. There has been a lot of drama lately surrounding the Bondi company and my experience in actually receiving this polish was not the best ever but I'm not going to really go into that. I am going to review this polish based on the polish alone and not let any thing else influence my opinion. So with that said, I really do like this polish.

Lady Liberty is walking the fine line between mint green and aqua depending on the light you catch it in. In the bottle it definitely looked a little more like a dusty mint green but on the nail leans a little more aqua. That could just be due to my skin tone and could look more minty on someone else. The formula was pretty good with this. It was a tiny bit on the thin side but just barely. If you are careful you can avoid flooding your cuticles or if you just rush in quick with another nail like me or an orange stick you should be fine as well. Lady Liberty was opaque in two coats and I topped it off with a layer of Seche Vite.

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting although very overcast

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