Thursday, November 21, 2013

Julep Winter

Julep Winter was a little bit of a mixed bag for me. I really do love the color and the end result but getting there was a challenge. Winter started off watery and runny and in the first coat flooded the cuticles on most of my nails even though I was being super careful. Winter was also pretty streaky and patchy on the first coat. On the second coat I noticed that as I moved from nail to nail the polish was thickening and actually becoming gloppy on the nail. I actually saw the polish becoming stringy at the opening when I was brushing excess polish back into the bottle. Overall, the formula of Winter is a total fail. I'm afraid of what will happen next time I reach for it because by then it could be the consistency of tar.

That being said though I do love the color of this polish. Winter is a medium cool toned grey that reminds me a little of sidewalks. Grey is one of the colors I seem to be lacking a good variety of in my collection so I will definitely be using it again. Let's just hope thinner is not required!


  1. Oh no! At least the color is pretty? I've never tried Julep before.

    1. I really do like Julep. Overall they are good quality and I love the monthly subscription but every once in a while they have a few duds. This one is almost worth it though because I do love the color.