Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Walking Dead

Today I want to share my nails that I did for the season finale of The Walking Dead. OMG was that an intense season finale or what!!!! I'm already going through some zombie withdrawal and October is sooooo far away! It's a good thing the unofficial start to the summer movie season kicked off this weekend with Captain America 2 being released. Starting now I will pretty much be living at the movies for the next four months. Gotta love a good distraction!

On my thumb I started with a base of Cult Nails Grunge and then created a gradient with Grunge, Zoya Normani, and Zoya Noot. I added a skyline using Bundle Monster 414 and then some blood spatter with Cult Nails Kiss.

On the index and middle finger I used a base of Zoya Normani and then did the saran wrap method with Zoya Kelly. Next I added some blood spatter using Cult Nails Kiss and Vivid Lacquer plate VL018. On my index finger I wanted zombies but the only image I had with people was disco people from Winstonia 216. I had to improvise a little so wiped away and pointed up hands in that classic disco pose and some of the bellbottoms. I then roughed them up a little more with some black acrylic paint and then some blood spatter.

On my middle finger I wanted something Daryl Dixon since he was a huge part of the show for the second part of the season. The only guy I had with a bow was a native American Indian from Winstonia 213 so again I had to improvise. I colored in the headband and stripe down his pants with black and removed the feathered headdress. I smudged it some more with black acrylic and added some more blood spatter.

My ring finger I did a base of Pretty Serious Gruesome Groom and added some zombie hands with Bundle Monster H08. My pinky was a reference to one of the most shocking episodes of the season and Carol telling Lizzie to just look at the flowers. I used a base of Zoya Caitlin and added spatter again using VL018. I then stamped a flower using Winstonia 212 and finished with just a few more dots of red from Cult Nails Kiss.

I started off shiny by adding a top coat of Seche Vite but in the end went matte because it just added to the gritty feel of The Walking Dead.


  1. These look fantastic, best walking dead nails I've ever seen!

  2. A great job and design! So creative and terrific choice of polishes.