Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zoya Sharon

Zoya Sharon is the base for my my first gradient I did a few days back and just an absolutely gorgeous color. I really wanted a bright happy color to cheer me up with all these dreary days it it worked perfectly. It is so tropical and warm looking it reminds me of being in Florida. Sharon is a medium yellow toned orange that is bright enough that it doesn't come across pumpkiny at all. Application was pretty good but it did need three coats to be opaque. Formula wise this was also really good not to runny or goopy so I would definitely use this one again.


  1. Nice one - I like oranges to this yr with Tangerine Tango as the 'it' shade was right up my ally. I have one this shade but it's a really sheer one that Zoya released as part of a Peter Som Collection that was out and gone. I cannot get mine built up to opaque level.

  2. That's strange it built up really nicely for me. I was a little iffy after just 2 coats but in three it was good. I did use thicker coats after I saw that the first one wasn't that great so that could have something to do with that.