Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cult Nails Kiss

I am so excited today!! I've been down sick the past couple of days but I got some serious nail mail to cheer me right up. Today I received the Cult Nails Passionate Dreams collection and you better believe I was stalking the door for the mailman all day. I purchased this on the last day of January as my final justifiable birthday present to myself. I think I might have broke some records for just how fast I had that box open and those burritos ripped apart to get to the amazing polish underneath.

While I was looking forward to every single polish in the collection, Kiss was my most anticipated polish by far. Cult Nails has the absolute best formula when it comes to their wax finish polishes. Kiss also reminds me of a polish that I have been lemming for a while, Illamasqua Aorta, which is a red rubber finish polish. Kiss definitely squashed that lemming!

Kiss is a almost blood red wax finish polish. It's close to a real red but with a little bit of darkness to it as well. I was really impressed with the formula on this because it was almost a one coater. I think if I would have done a little bit of a thicker coat it could have been. It goes on super shiny and glossy bu within a few minutes dries to the wax finish. I didn't have any issues with dragging or flooding when applying the second coat. I didn't use any kind of top coat for this because that would just defeat the purpose of the amazing finish on Kiss.

Stay tuned because I will be reviewing more of the collection as the week goes on. I will also be doing some stamping with my new stamping set that came this week from Pueen. The Passionate Dreams collection is now available for sale individually at for $12 a bottle.

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