Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zoya Mitzi

I am just going to cut straight to the chase and not sugar coat this one bit. 1. I absolutely LOVE the color of Mitzi. 2. Mitzi's formula is terrible!!! Mitzi is a toxic green apple colored mattevelvet polish. I adore just how toxic it looks in that frosted bottle like a tiny bottle of poison. Even the color on the nails I am in love with. Application was a complete nightmare though. Mattes are notorious for kinda crap formulas but this was the worst one I have worked with in a while. The first coat was so thin and streaky. The second coat was again super streaky and I had a big problem with dragging and balding. I had to do three coats on all nails except one where on the second coat it completely took all the polish off the top part of my nail. My most helpful tips to work with this are to try to stick to the three stroke method and resist the urge to go over anything twice. I think that is where most of my problems came from. In my pictures you can still see some streaks but overall I'm still happy with this. I will say that it is worth the hassle for the color.

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