Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Orly Starburst

Sally's has Orly on sale right now BOGO free so I had to take this chance to pick up some of the awesome looking new polishes from the Galaxy FX collection. The main one I was after was Starburst but I also picked up three more from the collection which I will review soon. I really love how this collection feels a little more like something you would expect from the indie brands with glitter bombs and milky glitters.

Starburst is a mix of large gold hexes, medium orangey copper hexes, small red hexes and large silver circle glitters in a milk white jelly base. Application was a tiny bit tricky because this polish is so super packed with glitter. No fishing required because you will get tons of glitter every time. Because it is so densely packed it goes on a little thick and patting it in places is necessary. Still once you get it down it is pretty easy to work with. Make sure you give a little time between each coat though to avoid dragging. I needed to use three coats to get full opaqueness but you could probably get the same look with a coat of white polish and one or two coats of Starburst. Even though it has so much glitter it didn't seem to be a top coat eater which was great. I just used one coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.

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