Friday, January 10, 2014

Sinful Color Taupe It Off

It looks like the Sinful Colors collection has been re-released with a few new additions that may be Rite-Aid only exclusives. Taupe It off and Black Cherry are the new colors in the collection and Black Cherry is for sure a Rite-Aid only exclusive. I don't even think I live in the same state as a Rite-Aid but I was lucky enough to have a sweet friend RAOK it to me. Taupe It Off is of course a taupe polish that is leaning more towards the olive green spectrum of taupes with little glass-like flecks. I have no complaints on the formula. I was able to get it completely opaque in three coats and didn't have any problems with brush strokes showing like some matte polishes. If you are not big into mattes I think that the little glass flecks take away the flatness of the matte and make it very wearable.

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