Friday, January 3, 2014

Zoya Dahlia

Dahlia is a polish that I got when it came out and it has sit on my shelf since then and I have absolutely no idea why!! Out of the first collection I think it was my most anticipated polish and yet it was an untried until now. I still can't get over the fact that Zoya actually was dark enough to name it (Black) Dahlia. Huge points for that level of twisted Zoya!

Zoya Dahlia is a black pixie dust polish with lots of silver glitter and sparkle to it. It reminds me of a highway with asphalt glittering in the summer heat. Yes, that is a compliment. It's absolutely stunning! It's dark but the sparkle makes the black totally wearable and appropriate. It almost leans more towards a charcoal black/grey with all that sparkle. It only took two coats of Dahlia to reach complete opaqueness and like all pixies I have tried so far the formula was an absolute dream. I still haven't been adventurous enough yet to try putting top coat over it but maybe someday. I just enjoy the texture so much as is and feel that top coat defeats the purpose but still some day I will try it.

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