Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vivid Lacquer VL019

For Christmas one of my best friends got me three new Vivid Lacquer plates and I was just in total shock! Vivid Lacquer is quickly becoming one of my favorite stamping plate indie brands. Tonight I was playing around with one of my new Orly's, Starburst, when an idea using one of those plates popped into my head. So here is just a little mini review of Vivid Lacquer plate VL019. I didn't use all the images on the plate but I did quite a few of them.

To start off with I used three coats of Orly Starburst on all of the nails which I will have a full review of tomorrow. I topped all the nails with a coat of Seche Vite to create a more even surface for stamping and also just in case I made a mistake I could quickly remove it without messing up Starburst. I decided to do all the stamping in black using Cult Nails Fetish to create a shadowy silhouette type look against the glittery background. I created a  French tip using the blades of grass design from VL019 on all of the nails. On each nail I created a different magical and woody type scene. On my index I stamped the small sized unicorn and the small bell shaped flowers. There is a bigger version of each of those which I use later. The middle finger has the small mushroom that just seems big because my nails are such nubs right now and the fairy that is in the sitting position. I tried to get her actually sitting on the mushroom but she is floating just a little above it. I'm just going to go with she's a fairy and magic and that's just what they do. The ring finger I used the design that has butterflies, thistle, and extra blades of grass to create a meadow. On my pinky I stamped the other fairy and the little starburst pattern behind her wings to make it look extra magical. On my thumb I stamped the large bell shaped flowers and the large unicorn.

All of the images stamped great and I didn't have any trouble picking up the images. I can't wait to play around with this plate even more and create a whole new scene. I definitely want to try out the little foxes next and some of those amazing full nail designs. Vivid Lacquer plates can be purchased for $8 each from their Etsy store HERE.